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With over 20-years in web development and over 600 clients, we’ve seen all kinds of websites, and we know what it takes to compete in today’s online world. We get it, you’re a small-to-medium sized business or a startup that is working within a budget, but you need an industrial-strength website to win in the online marketplace.

Once upon a time, industry leading technology was only available to large firms with the capital to afford it. This drove many small-to-medium businesses to settle for a sub-sufficient online presence. This is no longer the case. Beacon has streamlined the same development process we use for our larger clients to level the playing field for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Our software engineers have packed just about everything into SITEXPRESS to leverage the web more effectively and gain an edge on your competitors.

Sitexpress is reliable, flexible and affordable


You know your business better than anyone. Throughout the design process, our team will ask many questions about your business to craft a website that fits your needs, while driving traffic and leads. We call this process collaborative customization and believe that direct communication always leads to better results and higher satisfaction.

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Dependable Hosting

We have managed our own servers and data center for over 20 years. No outsourcing somewhere in the cloud. Your website will be hosted on our servers, monitored 24/7 and protected by our incredible technical support group, who supports hundreds of other websites. We back up our client websites daily and utilize reserve power and secondary networks to ensure that your website stays up-and-running. Our state-of-the-art equipment, regular maintenance schedule, and expert team have created an incredibly powerful engine.


We aren't just order takers that say “thank you, bye” after your website is launched. We are your partners and will always be here to help. SITEXPRESS includes 10 hours of annual maintenance and support to ensure your website stays in peak condition. If you need specific changes, want guidance updating content, or just have questions, we are only a phone call away.


SITEXPRESS was developed in response to many of our client’s difficulties surrounding their WordPress websites. WordPress was originally developed to serve the blogging community, but is now sometimes used as a full scale content management system to fit budget constraints. SITEXPRESS is an alternative for those who want to avoid the struggles surrounding open-source software like WordPress. SITEXPRESS is a closed-source platform that offers a controlled, reliable website and a dependable team of experts in close partnership.



SITEXPRESS is a closed source, proprietary technology that offers tons of flexibility and security without the issues of being open-sourced like other CMS platforms such as Wordpress.

Wordpress is an open source software that allows anyone to modify its core code and create plug-ins that may be harmful to your website without proper testing (and dependable, available support).

With SITEXPRESS, your site's code will only be accessible by you and by our developers. No more reliance on third-party plugins or add-ons to enhance the look of your site. Your SITEXPRESS site is carefully managed for high quality and long-term durability by our team of experienced developers.

SITEXPRESS offers tons of options for content layout that are built right into the highly flexible framework by our development team! Unlike WordPress, there is no need to download and configure confusing plug-ins and code snippets as all the functionality is built right into SITEXPRESS!

WordPress is typically customized by using multiple third-party plugins and themes to add simple functionality such as an image slider or gallery to your website. Of course, WordPress can become spaghetti code when many different plugins are included, potentially causing quality and maintenance issues over time. SITEXPRESS site comes to you turn-key, fully-bundled, with these features already built in.

SITEXPRESS offers centralized updates, meaning that all system updates are applied to the base software as part of your contract - to seamlessly maintain your website's quality and performance without interruption. In addition, SITEXPRESS comes with a Development, Test and Production environment (like 3 separate sites) so that modifications can be applied to a development site, then tested on a test site before introducing them to the world on your production site for the world to see.

WordPress often releases updates, however any themes or plug-ins that are not compliant with each update may break and cause downtime until every issue is resolved and plug-ins are replaced. We’ve had clients call us when WordPress websites go down that have 20+ plugins. Finding the problem is much like finding the bad bulb in a string of Christmas tree lights, in that every plugin must be tested. If a plugin is bad, you must then research to find a replacement and usually modify code to install it.

SITEXPRESS developers use industry best practices to develop compliant code that has been streamlined to ensure your website operates as fast as possible. This is particularly important to for your rankings in the search engines since site speed is a component of Google’s algorithm.

WordPress themes and plug-ins often contain unnecessary and unused code within them to try and make them as universal as possible. This code remains on your site, unused, and could be slowing down your site's performance, which could have a negative impact on your SEO performance.

All SITEXPRESS sites are remotely monitored 24/7 by our IT management team who provide support as well. In addition, all SITEXPRESS sites are built with SSL certificate (https) for security purposes and to comply with Google’s best practices for SEO. Lastly, since SITEXPRESS is proprietary (not open-source), all development is performed by our team, using a strict development methodology with thorough multi-browser, multi-device testing to ensure the highest quality and security. Our practice greatly reduces the chances that vulnerabilities are injected through 3rd party plugins and themes.

Because WordPress is open sourced, without thorough vetting and testing, there is a much higher chance for vulnerabilities within themes and plug-ins that allow hackers, bots, and viruses to cause harmful damage to your website.


Setup Fee ($3,945): Includes website creation and customization using a set of flexible & SEO-friendly templates. Fully tested across multiple devices & browsers (10 different combinations). Includes basic Google Analytics & SEO Setup, User Acceptance Testing, Post-launch site testing and Google Analytics validation, along with SEO Tuning and integrity checks. Must be paid up-front.

Monthly Fee ($395): Includes hosting, CMS License, 10 hours of annual maintenance & support.


  • Cancel anytime with 30 days advance notice.
  • The following are NOT included with the base package, but are available at a discounted rate if desired: Domain Purchase/Transfer, Content Design/Strategy, Content Entry.
  • Creative content (imagery) must be provided by the Customer – primarily the logo, color palette, and imagery for impact images.
  • Your Beacon Team will consist of a Project Manager, Front-End Web Developer, Google Analytics Specialist, Graphic Designer (to adjust creative), and Hosting Support Specialist.

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