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Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts, but it’s existence doesn’t guarantee that your customers will see it.  They are searching in Google and Yahoo, socializing on Facebook and Instagram, and reading hundreds of emails per month.  Digital marketing reaches into these channels to bring qualified customer to your website.  Our Digital Marketing Specialists have created 3 packages for small-medium businesses that facilitate short-term, gradual, or accelerated growth through SEO and Google Analytics.

jump-start package

Jump-Start Package

Short-Term Growth

Get basic SEO & GA reporting to give your new website immediate attention and a quick lift in traffic. This program focuses on all the basics to help you optimize visibility in the search engines for up to 25 keywords. Most of the work occurs in the first 2-3 months to boost traffic and leads. Great for companies with a very limited budget wanting to test-drive SEO.  

You will see an increase in qualified visitors to your website during the first half of the year and typically some leveling off for the latter half due to lack of ongoing SEO support.

Essentials package

Essentials Package

Gradual Growth

Get the Jump-Start services, but with ongoing monthly support to continuously assess and tune your SEO strategy. This includes more attention on your top 25 keywords, regular reviews of SEO performance, creation of keyword-focused content pages, and general content improvements to increase your rankings. Our Essentials Package is recommended for all companies to effectively compete in the digital marketing space. 

You will see similar results to the Jump-Start program, but this is a much broader and sustained strategy with frequent tuning. Expect gradual, continuous growth from month 1 through month 12.

Comprehensive package

Comprehensive Package

Accelerated Growth

Ideal for companies seeking an advantage over their competitors, particularly in very competitive markets, or for companies with a wide range of services or audiences. This package allows sufficient time to execute a more data-driven strategy across a wider range of keywords, using our full set of digital marketing tools. 

We get deep into the data to evaluate return-on-investment, reach the most qualified prospects, and attack the best online marketing channels by geography, time of day, and other variables. These insights help you get the most out of your marketing investment.

Digital Marketing has been a fundamental part of our business for 20 years.  We thrive on using our skills to help businesses grow, which is evident through the breadth and depth of our SEO and Google Analytics Management services listed below.


Provides search engines with a list of key pages on your site.

Jump-Start: Quarterly  Essentials: Quarterly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Prevents search engines from crawling insignificant content.

Jump-Start: Quarterly  Essentials: Quarterly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Monthly checks of Beacon's custom developed 12-point SEO health and monitoring checklist.

Jump-Start: Quarterly  Essentials: Monthly  Comprehensive: Monthly

On-site optimizations including but not limited to title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, canonicals, and internal links.

Jump-Start: Quarterly  Essentials: Monthly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Identification of valuable keywords to target to facilitate content writing and drive higher visibility/traffic.

Jump-Start: Research - Identification of 25 target keywords only  Essentials: 25 kewords, Mapping + Quarterly Review  Comprehensive: 50 kewords, Mapping + Quarterly Review

New content creation and existing content adjustments.

Jump-Start: Customer support only  Essentials: Monthly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Website admin tool that provides useful information on what Google sees when they crawl your site and how users are finding your site.

Jump-Start: Quarterly  Essentials: Monthly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Keyword rank monitoring & analysis. Compare with competitor keywords. Identify content opportunities that competitors are ranking for.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Installed and Monitored Quarterly  Comprehensive: Installed and Monitored Monthly

An in-depth review of your site from a technical perspective, 100+ point checklist.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Mid-year  Comprehensive: Quarterly

Analysis of existing backlink profile, prospecting for potential link opportunities, monitoring for low quality links.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Not Included  Comprehensive: Mid-year

Google Analytics Management

Manage the GA account settings, new GA features (as needed), and ensure clean data collection.

Jump-Start: Semi-Annual  Essentials: Quarterly  Comprehensive: Monthly

Assess tracking needs for new site & activity for current site. Develop a plan for the tracking build-out. Set baseline metrics; determine tracking performance of current site.

Jump-Start: Included  Essentials: Included  Comprehensive: Included

Capture user activity related to this type of content.

Jump-Start: Included  Essentials: Included  Comprehensive: Included

Ongoing use of GTM to facilitate tracking requirements and strategy.

Jump-Start: Included  Essentials: Included  Comprehensive: Included

Attribute qualified prospects to marketing sources and audience subsets. Configuration & ongoing support, no analysis.

Jump-Start: Included  Essentials: Included  Comprehensive: Included

Capture, analyze, and report on user activity; based on heat maps and session recordings.

Jump-Start: Semi-Annual  Essentials: Quarterly  Comprehensive: Quarterly

The events will help give insights on various content interactions (CTA buttons, videos, etc.).

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Included  Comprehensive: Included

Create Custom Dashboards in GA based on strategy and desired metrics. Includes all KPIs; Allows the client to have a great snapshot of website performance using Data Studio Reports. Initial setup and updates.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Semi-Annual  Comprehensive: Quarterly

Regularly recurring sessions where Beacon will help enlighten and empower the client with their new Analytics capabilities. Includes prep.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Mid-Year  Comprehensive: Quarterly

Audience segmentation and content groupings

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Not Included  Comprehensive: Not Included

Engage Beacon’s Strategists in digging deeper into the data, what we call “Deep Dives”, to produce insights, to let the data answer business questions and continuously improve the online marketing strategy in terms of ROI.

Jump-Start: Not Included  Essentials: Not Included  Comprehensive: Included

For a Comparison Table of our upgrade packages and the services they include, download our outlined PDF.

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