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Digital Marketing Services

digital marketingHow do you cook up the perfect recipe for your digital marketing strategy? Just like food, it’s all about taste…

Who are you cooking for?

You wouldn’t cook pizza rolls for a candlelit dinner. The same principals of time and place apply to your digital marketing strategy. Understanding your audience starts with qualitative insights and is refined with quantitative analysis of your websites data.


  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Technical Audits
  • Heat Mapping
  • User Sessions Recording

What’s the Recipe?

Just like digital marketing, it takes the perfect combination of ingredients to impress your audience. Too much or too little of any one component can offset the balance of the entire meal. We make sure we get it right by using the data collected during audits and analysis to write the perfect recipe.


  • Tag & Link Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • SEO Content Creation
  • seoClarity Setup & Management
  • Google Tag Manager Management
  • Page Mapping Management
  • XML Sitemap Management
  • Robots.txt Management
  • Link Opportunity Review
  • Google Analytics Planning

How does it Taste?

Did your audience ask for seconds? Sometimes there is room for improvement and odds are, you will tweak the recipe from time to time. In order to make sure your digital marketing strategy is always ready to impress, it is important to monitor how it is being received by your audience.


  • SEO Health Monitoring
  • Google Search Console Management & Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Administrative Management
  • Goal Conversion Tracking
  • PDF & Email Tracking Setup
  • Event Tracking
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Data Review & Strategy Consultation Sessions
  • Audience Tracking & Management
  • Strategic Analysis & Planning

SITEXPRESS is more than just content management services. We provide your business with a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. As a member of the Greensboro NC business community for over 20 years, Beacon is excited to offer this comprehensive, website solution for small and medium size businesses.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing firm to partner with in the greater Greensboro area, you’ve come to the right place. 

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